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Overall Comparison

For an apples to apples comparison, you need to look at the $ per gram of EPA and DHA

You need to consider the number of softgels in a bottle (OMAPURE™ has 120 whereas many others have 30 or 60), the EPA and DHA concentration in a softgel, and whether the brand has undergone expensive 3rd party testing.   More

Pricing Comparison

OMAPURE™’s pricing beats the other premium Omega-3 brands at a 41-79% discount

OMAPURE is the economical choice at the premium segment of the market.   More

OMAPURE™ vs. Dr. Sears

Virtually the same formulation with OMAPURE™ at half the cost

Why would you pay 2x the price for virtually the same product when both receive 5 star (out of 5) quality and safety ratings from the same third party testing lab (IFOS)?  More


OMAPURE™ vs. Iceland Health

OMAPURE™ has a higher EPA and DHA concentration and is over 50% less expensive

Don't believe us? We'll walk you through the facts and numbers.  More

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